About Hannah

My name is Hannah Green and I am a friendly pet lover, and the owner and founder of ABC Pets Services. I’ve had my own pets for decades, while also looking after cats, dogs and birds when their owners were away or unable to care for them.

I recently downsized and moved into a unit on my own, as my little Zoey, a 15-year-old miniature Foxy, left me last year to join her friends at the big party in the sky. Rather than trying to replace Zoey, I decided I wanted to make it as easy as ABC for others, especially the elderly, to take care of their pets. With my love of animals and ability to take care of them, I can take the stress away for owners and pets when they are apart, and help out when owners are unable to tend to their pets due to illness or injury.

I offer pet sitting services in the owner’s home, or can look after pets at my home (they would be indoors except when heading out for exercise) and also offer pet taxi services. And, if you are too busy to get around your yard as often as you need to, or have mobility difficulties, I can manage your poop-scooping for you. If you need help, no matter how little or how much, get in touch and we can discuss the best solution for you and your pets.

Rest assured you will be talking with someone who understands the vital part they play in your life, and they place they hold in your heart. I am also excited to offer a range of pet care products and supplies that will improve the life and health of your pets and make caring for them easier for you. If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.